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XIBALBA - Sentenced

Monday Sep 9 @ 10:18pm
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The Cranberries // Linger

you know im such a fool for you 

Monday Sep 9 @ 10:18pm
Monday Sep 9 @ 09:18pm
Monday Sep 9 @ 09:18pm
Monday Sep 9 @ 09:01pm
  • bae: come over no ones home
  • me: what games do u have
Monday Sep 9 @ 08:45pm

David: The final design for Freddy was based on a pepperoni pizza. I was at a restaurant one night, and I was having pizza and I was just kind of deep in thought. I started playing around with the cheese, putting it around the pepperoni, and actually made Freddy’s face on the pizza.

David Miller on what inspired his makeup for Robert Englund in A Nightmare on Elm Street, 1984

Monday Sep 9 @ 08:44pm

Pantera, 1990.

Pantera, 1990.

Thursday Aug 8 @ 06:21pm
Thursday Aug 8 @ 05:59pm
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Hole In The Sky - Black Sabbath

Thursday Aug 8 @ 05:58pm

Ridley Scott behind the scenes of Alien (1979)

Ridley Scott behind the scenes of Alien (1979)

Thursday Aug 8 @ 05:57pm


Mom: You’ve been playing that thing for like 4 hours now, aren’t you tired?

Me: Mom you fucking casual

Thursday Aug 8 @ 05:54pm
Thursday Aug 8 @ 05:53pm
Thursday Aug 8 @ 05:52pm
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