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Tuesday Jul 7 @ 01:48am
Tuesday Jul 7 @ 12:44am
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Hadouken! | Crank It Up

Tuesday Jul 7 @ 12:43am
Tuesday Jul 7 @ 12:43am
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That Boy That Girl - Hadouken!

Tuesday Jul 7 @ 12:24am
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Acid Bath // Dope Fiend

Tuesday Jul 7 @ 12:13am


this was my favorite description of love

Monday Jul 7 @ 11:27pm

all i want is to find a cute casual dress or a cute casual skirt but everything i like is either out of my size or out of a color/design i like orrrr way too short like ugh

Monday Jul 7 @ 11:08pm

Sunday Jul 7 @ 06:40pm


friend: *turns on country music*
me: can you chill

Sunday Jul 7 @ 06:39pm
Sunday Jul 7 @ 05:51pm
Sunday Jul 7 @ 05:45pm

Date of Birth: None


Date of Birth: None

Sunday Jul 7 @ 05:43pm

well the destiny beta was fun while it lasted

Sunday Jul 7 @ 04:31pm

chizurv said: I love you ;; You're amazing and a really great friend and I feel super shitty for not texting you as much anymore because i've been so busy and rn my phone is dead or I would but hey, I love you and you are amazing okay ;; We need to have a movie night or something ;;

girl i love you n you are perf so shhhh bUT YAASS you needa get a new charger or something for your phone bc i miss you and YES we need to have a movie night x

Thursday Jul 7 @ 08:22am
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